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Deadscope has over 30 years of paranormal research experience. Founded in 1987 in Davis, CA , by UC DAVIS undergrad  researchers Thom and Claris Black. They would later move their research to Salt Lake City, UT in the early 90's. Now with over 10 research associates as part of their team, their relentess search for the truth is greater than ever. Deadscope is a non-profit and will never solicit payment for their work.  



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DeadScope is a leading Paranormal Investigation team located in Salt Lake City, UT. We work discreetly with clients, other investigation groups, and the local authorities in matters concerning the paranormal, especially hauntings, ghosts, and spirits.


Our sole purpose is to use scientific tools & data to disprove paranormal phenomena in a professional manner. We rely heavily on facts, historical data, and evidence to draw our conclusions. Geographical elements are also researched around the alleged area of activity.


Please, if you think you are having paranormal activity, and/or feel you may have caught something as paranormal evidence, don't hesitate to give us a call or write us a message. DeadScope respects and appreciates all of our clients inquiries. We will do everything in our power to get to the bottom of your concerns, frustrations, fears, and questions. You should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to question strange behavior or activity in your home and/or business.


DeadScope Paranormal Investigations will evaluate in depth the claims of our clients. We analyze every bit of documented data we receive in real time. In most cases that means 40 plus hours of video and audio to review. Please know that on any given night activity can be out of control or not at all. Obviously most activity won't come out on command. Thank you for considering DeadScope Paranormal Investigations for help with your situation.



               What happens after you contact DeadScope



Our case manager will conduct a phone interview to discuss your claims and help you determine the best action for your case.


We will setup a time to investigate your property. We prefer one current resident to stay on location during the investigation. The more people present, the better chance of contaminating any evidence we may gather.


We will setup a meeting to go over the findings of our investigation as well as discuss any and all possible solutions.

We will always be on call to help in the future if your problems persist and/or get worse.

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